Posted on: June 14, 2009 1:16 am

Who do you root against?

Watching the NBA series, I find myself rooting against the Lakers more than I root for the Magic. I root against the yankees. I root against Purdue (when they play IU).  I root against North Carolina and USC.  There are teams that we dispise. Maybe because we are jealous. Maybe becuase they absorb too much of our time. Maybe because they cheat. Maybe because they have so much money the competition isnt fair. For whatever reason, we do tend to root against teams. Who do you root against?
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Posted on: November 21, 2008 4:59 pm

Salute to Coach Tiller

IU should be so lucky as to find a man like Joe Tiller.  An average Joe who brought in his own style of play and won 86 games at Purdue. Thats more than IU may win in the next 20 years (at this rate).  Coach Tiller has flow under the radar. He has not been the trash talking, load mouthing, spotlight seeking coach that are in some programs.  He has been a gentleman.  A tribute to his school and to the Big Ten.  He graduated players and he sent many on to the NFL.  While many of us love to "hate" PU, we must acknowlege when we have seen something special.  Joe took a program that had not had a winning record in 8 years and sent them to a bowl in all but two seasons (I believe thats right).  Like I said, hats off to Coach Tiller.  You've done a remarkable job.  I'm glad that IU has the Bucket right now and I hope we keep it after tomorrow. Either way, enjoy your new home in Wyoming.  Well done Coach.
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