Posted on: March 16, 2010 1:24 pm
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Posted on: July 19, 2008 8:40 pm

Greg Norman & a Little Perspective

Numbers can tell a story. Greg Norman is 53 years old, he could be Tiger's dad. And he is LEADING the British Open going into the last day.  I love this.  At my age, I do love seeing older athletes excel, like Rocco Mediate did a few weeks back. Rocco, at age 46 would have been the oldest US Open winner.  The oldest winner of a major tour event is 48 years.  Norman is 53 years old. That is 10% older than the record.  In athletitic years, this is big.  Consider breaking any major milestone in sports by 10%.  That hitting another 75 home runs or running the mile 35 seconds faster or long jumping 3 feet farther.  Those things just cannot happen.  Athletes don't have it at that level any more.  Norman is keeping his head. The conditions have been terrible with winds so high the event organizers have delayed play and even considered postponing play for a day.  Plus, this is a course that normally scores higher due to the extreme difficulty. Well suited for a mature thinker of the game like Greg Norman. The younger, more athletic players are well behind while Norman plods along merrily collecting par after par.  The proverb of the tortoise & the hare comes to mind. Greg Norma has been quoted the last two days saying he doesn't think he will win because he has not been playing much and he wants to manage his personal expectations.  Who's the zen master now Tiger?  I love it.  I hope Mr. Norman shoots another round at par and becomes, by FIVE YEARS, the oldest player to win the British (or any major).  Remember the 4 minute mile? They said it could not be humanly broken.  If Norman breaks the 50 year old mark, do you think a bunch of old-timers will begin to think "I can still play this game."  Yes, they will. And when they realize this game, which is 80% mental, is one they have an advantage, the top ten will begin to be dotted with oldies...but goodies. 

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