Posted on: December 3, 2011 11:46 pm

I don't miss it, do you?

Sports fans know that the NBA is on strike. I don't get the drama. I don't see how players are so badly mistreated. In my opinion, the average fan just looses respect for any sport that is striking.  Its just too hard to muster up empathy for some rich guys who are listening to their greedy agents. I don't know about you, but I have found plenty of great sports to watch in place of the NBA. Granted, I am from Indiana where the Pacers haven't been hot since Reggie was raining threes.  If I could say two things to the NBA players they would be these.  First, you are great athletes, but you are not the only great athletes.  You take your product off the shelf and consumers will replace you with another quality product. I bet college basketball is doing great these days filling the void.  Second, don't think owners are being greedy.  If you understand free enterprise, you would respect the fact that the owners are taking risk that the product, their team, may not be profitable.  DO players return a portion of their salaries if the team doesn't play well and the franchise looses money?  No they don't.  Players do not take the same financial risk.  Therefore, as employers and as the ones taking the risk, they deserve to keep the lions share of the profit (if there is any).  I am not very hopeful that any player in any league will get those very soon.  Let me add a third one.  Players, please have someone in your life that is level-headed and will be brutally honest with you.  Instead, they tend to listen to greedy agents, parasite friends and equally greedy family members that are looking to sweeten their own gravy train.  When a league goes on strike, my love for that game looses steam.  So the NBA season begins on Christmas day? Who cares?  At this moment, I really don't. Do you?
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Posted on: February 14, 2010 10:20 pm

The Olympics are cool

I'm a sports junkie.  I follow NASCAR and the NFL.  I love college football, soccer, basketball, you name it.  Its the spirit of competition that I love. I heard Mike & Mike talking about what they would be watching, the NBA All Star game of the Olympics. Got me thinking.  I would watch the olympics. Even thought I think Lebron and Kobe and Nash are incredible athletes, the best in the world...I'd still tune into the Olympics.  I would watch a bunch of athletes playing sports I only watch every two years.  Why?  Because I respect a person that gives their life to be excellent at something.  The bobsled, come one! You've got to be kidding?  But I'm hooked.  I was actually disappointed the Jamaicans aren't coming this year.  Its pure competition.  It is sportsmanship.  Its unique.  It is the love of country.  It is the hopes and dreams of a person, a family, a country.  I think the Olympics are really cool.  Sure, the networks could not make money showing this stuff every day, but every few years, I'm locked in.  And that opening ceremony was awesome.  They just re-did "We are the world" and thats cool.  But the Olympics is an experiment on breaking down walls all over the world that has worked (with some notable exceptions).  I'll be tuning in to NBC and see whats going on in the skelton, the luge, the moguls and even curling.  A meaningless All Star games hold little interest to me.  What are you watching these days.
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Deeper issue

Josh Howard of the Dallas Mavericks made a comment at a chaity game while the national anthem was playing. He said that he did not need to participate in that exercise because "I am black."  Immature, you bet.  Unpatriotic, absolutely.  Immature, yes.  But there is a deeper issue here.  First, we have never heard from Howard that he loves America, only that he is Black and that somehow seperates him. His comment shows a deeper issue. Why is it that many blacks feel they are different. Like their is a chip on their shoulder and they have a right to dishonor our country.  I have read the history books and I know the journey of the black people and their struggle to acheive the American dream.  In my opinion, their access to that dream is as open as most other Americans. I live in a fairly diverse community and I don't see other ethnic groups embrace the same "victim" attitude.  Yes, young Howard has the right to express how he feels. God bless a country that allows those freedoms. Somehow we need to get our big wonderful diverse people closer to the same vision. We are all Americans, nomatter how we experience our citizenship. We can build a better America by respecting what we have and building new bridges. To some degree, we need to forget the past and move ahead! 
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