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Posted on: February 24, 2009 11:41 pm

Marvin should have stayed...like the good ole day

Marvin Harrison should have stayed. Sure these guys need to look out for themselves. Sure it is a business. But what ever happened to the truly classy guy who knew his role, knew his place, and was willing to stay with the city and fans who loved him all along.  So what if he can make another mill a year someone else?  How much is enough?  It does take the luster off a little. He could have continued at Indy, reworked his contract.  I think that too often these guys are listening to greedy people around them, like their agents, who get paid based on what the player gets paid.  Tail can wag the dog sometimes. I salute not Marvin, but all those players who stayed in their city even when they could have left for more money.  Good luck Marvin.



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