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Posted on: July 4, 2009 10:03 pm

Lance's Comeback

After three years of retirement, Lance's return to the Tour de France was impressive. He is 10th after the first time trial. Think about those athletes who have retired and returned to their sport. Often, even the best lik Michael Jordan, start a little rusty.  Lane will likely take a week or so to get his mind back into shape.  I wonder if his body is in shape for this rigorous month long race. Remember, Lance was in a biking accident less than two months ago where he broke his collar bone.  With limited training, he comes back with an impressive start, signaling to the rest of he Tour that Armstrong is still strong.  As an aging athlete, I always pull for the older athletes of all sports.  I'm pulling for Lance to win it all.  As a side note, Levi Leipheimer is looking good too, finishing the first leg in about 5th place. Go USA, go Armstrong.  Let's see the 8th Tour win for the "ages."
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