Posted on: April 5, 2009 8:35 am

Is Izzo the next Bobby Knight?

It was a coaching gem, MSU vs UConn. Calhoun looked befuddled every time the camera showed him. Two of colleges great coaches. But Izzo seemed to have the plan and the passion all game long.  His boys responded like well drilled warriors. Remember what they always said about the Hoosiers and Knight? His teams had talent, but not the premier talent in the game, they were just very well coached and the responded to their leader.  Sounds like what we have seen from Izzo and the MSU squad. Kudos to the MSU team.  Bob Knight became synonymous with winning not only in the Big Ten, but in all of college basketball.  I say, if he wins the title, Izzo becomes on of those "IT" coaches that become iconic.  He is not as flashy and load and angry and colorful as other coaches, he just wins (baby).  I hope that in 15 years we are saying those things about Crean and our beloved Hoosiers. But for now, Izzo has reached up and claimed his prize as on of the three best coaches in the game today.  A real Hoosier recognizes excellent basketball, team basketball and fine coaching. Therefore we have no choice but to tip our hat to this MSU team. Go Spartans! Make the Big Ten proud. From a true Hoosier.


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