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Posted on: February 17, 2009 11:34 pm

Je'rod Cherry's Play of the Day

Now you know I am a Colts fan, but there is at least one Patriot I tip my hat to. Listen to this story. I've got a fantastic pastor named Jim Brown from Goshen Indiana. He was speaking at a national church youth conference challenging them to think global.  A group of about 3000 students was there ready to be challenged. A ministry called Asia's Hope was there to talk about the large number of kids stranded by war and poverty. Those kids, just teenagers, gave nearly $100,000 to save those children. Many gave the last dollars they brought to the conference. Also in the crowd was former New England Patriot defensive back Je'Rod Cherry. Cherry was also moved to action. Je'rod gave one of his super bowl rings to be auctioned and donated to help build God's kingdon in Cambodia and Thailand.  Awesome. These kids saw a man give a prize posession and lay it at the feet of God to be used as he wished. Three of my own kids were there.  They arrived home penniless but energized. Somehow that didn't make ESPN's plays of the Day, but it was. Praise God!

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