Posted on: December 3, 2011 11:46 pm

I don't miss it, do you?

Sports fans know that the NBA is on strike. I don't get the drama. I don't see how players are so badly mistreated. In my opinion, the average fan just looses respect for any sport that is striking.  Its just too hard to muster up empathy for some rich guys who are listening to their greedy agents. I don't know about you, but I have found plenty of great sports to watch in place of the NBA. Granted, I am from Indiana where the Pacers haven't been hot since Reggie was raining threes.  If I could say two things to the NBA players they would be these.  First, you are great athletes, but you are not the only great athletes.  You take your product off the shelf and consumers will replace you with another quality product. I bet college basketball is doing great these days filling the void.  Second, don't think owners are being greedy.  If you understand free enterprise, you would respect the fact that the owners are taking risk that the product, their team, may not be profitable.  DO players return a portion of their salaries if the team doesn't play well and the franchise looses money?  No they don't.  Players do not take the same financial risk.  Therefore, as employers and as the ones taking the risk, they deserve to keep the lions share of the profit (if there is any).  I am not very hopeful that any player in any league will get those very soon.  Let me add a third one.  Players, please have someone in your life that is level-headed and will be brutally honest with you.  Instead, they tend to listen to greedy agents, parasite friends and equally greedy family members that are looking to sweeten their own gravy train.  When a league goes on strike, my love for that game looses steam.  So the NBA season begins on Christmas day? Who cares?  At this moment, I really don't. Do you?
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Posted on: January 24, 2010 6:02 pm

How do you eat an elephant?

Indiana fans have been spoiled over the past 70 years with all those NCAA titles and Big Ten championships.  Now we are rebuilding with a new coach Tom Crean.  In his second season I am amazed to see fans posting that maybe he is not the answer.  Lets get some perspective.  Last year we won, with hard-working scrubs, just 6 games. We won only on in conference play. Here we are with about 12 games left and we have already won 9 games.  As I look over our schedule, I would say we could win 4 of the games left.  If we win 13 games this year, that would be a 217% improvement year over year.  Also, consider that 4 losses this year were very winable.  Young players grow rapidly, especially ones with excellent talent.  Coach Crean is doing alot of things right. He honors the proud tradition of the Hoosiers.  He recruits well.  He inspires players.  I hope he is patient.  Remember how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  I'm believing great things in the future for our young team and its energetic coach.  Lets see what he does the rest of the year...and have another bite of elephant.
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Posted on: September 12, 2009 6:02 pm

Clock is ticking Coach Lynch

We (IU fans) should be glad for the win, but the sloppy play and inability to dominate a lesser team should give us an idea of where IU will be this year. Really, what should we expect this year with the talent and coaching we have? As a fan, I want undefeated, national champs, watching fun bowl games. But that is not where we are.  I do expect to see real progress, notable improvement and excitement among the players and coaches.  If I see that, I have no problem being a vocal fan.  Western is not a bad team, but we are a Big Ten school with the ability to recruit better talent. So why are we in a position where our lesser opponents have a shot at beating us in the closing minutes?  No good excuse.  I believe we really do have better talent. And yet we are playing only slightly better than our opponents. So what can we conclude?  My conclusion is that we do not have the coach we need driving this bus.  Mr. Glass, do you see this too?  Can you offer us some hope that we can find a leader of the IU Football program who can get us to at least a winning season every year and a bowl game most years?  You should.  Mr. Lynch, I wish you no ill will, you are just not the guy.  In my view, you have about 9 more games to show us that you have developed the team and that we ARE moving in a positive direction.  Clock is ticking. Go Hoosiers.
Posted on: April 5, 2009 8:35 am

Is Izzo the next Bobby Knight?

It was a coaching gem, MSU vs UConn. Calhoun looked befuddled every time the camera showed him. Two of colleges great coaches. But Izzo seemed to have the plan and the passion all game long.  His boys responded like well drilled warriors. Remember what they always said about the Hoosiers and Knight? His teams had talent, but not the premier talent in the game, they were just very well coached and the responded to their leader.  Sounds like what we have seen from Izzo and the MSU squad. Kudos to the MSU team.  Bob Knight became synonymous with winning not only in the Big Ten, but in all of college basketball.  I say, if he wins the title, Izzo becomes on of those "IT" coaches that become iconic.  He is not as flashy and load and angry and colorful as other coaches, he just wins (baby).  I hope that in 15 years we are saying those things about Crean and our beloved Hoosiers. But for now, Izzo has reached up and claimed his prize as on of the three best coaches in the game today.  A real Hoosier recognizes excellent basketball, team basketball and fine coaching. Therefore we have no choice but to tip our hat to this MSU team. Go Spartans! Make the Big Ten proud. From a true Hoosier.


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Posted on: February 11, 2009 11:54 pm
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The Best Coach You Never Heard of

There is a man who has been working with young men in basketball crazy Indiana for 46 years now. His teams have ranged from great to average, but his players have all loved him.  No record were kept but his wins must be in the hundreds. He is Irv Polk and he started Youth For Christ in Elkhart Indiana just a few years after Billy Graham was the first Executive of YFC nationally.  Irv has won many young men and women to Christ with a heart that longs for people to know the truth, that Jesus loves them dearly and he gave his life so all people would have the opportunity to live with God forever.  I write tonight about Irv Polk, one of the godliest men I have ever known, to ask for your prayers. If you are a beliver and you pray, pray for Irv.  Irv is fighting pancreatic cancer right now, but at age 74 he is still working, still ministering. He is living the verse "to live is Christ and to die is gain."  Just take a moment and ask God for His will to be done. Ask for Irv's healing.  We need good "coaches" like Irv around Indiana.

Posted on: November 21, 2008 4:59 pm

Salute to Coach Tiller

IU should be so lucky as to find a man like Joe Tiller.  An average Joe who brought in his own style of play and won 86 games at Purdue. Thats more than IU may win in the next 20 years (at this rate).  Coach Tiller has flow under the radar. He has not been the trash talking, load mouthing, spotlight seeking coach that are in some programs.  He has been a gentleman.  A tribute to his school and to the Big Ten.  He graduated players and he sent many on to the NFL.  While many of us love to "hate" PU, we must acknowlege when we have seen something special.  Joe took a program that had not had a winning record in 8 years and sent them to a bowl in all but two seasons (I believe thats right).  Like I said, hats off to Coach Tiller.  You've done a remarkable job.  I'm glad that IU has the Bucket right now and I hope we keep it after tomorrow. Either way, enjoy your new home in Wyoming.  Well done Coach.
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Posted on: November 1, 2008 2:17 pm

Hoosiers WILL NOT finish last in the Big Ten

We all know how completely depleted our past coach has left the Hoosier Basketball Team. But we have more than hope for next year. We have this year. No, I am not predicting a surprise win in the Big ten Tourney (but wouldn't that make a great movie?) but I absolutely do not believe these talented young men and a dynamic coach will finsh dead last.  I believe that tradition and great coaching and higher expectations will allow this team to develop rapidly and win enough games to keep them out of the Big ten cellar.  These young kids, when given playing time, will develop quickly. By mid-season, they will be more like sophomores.  I joke about the Big Ten Tourney, but think about the noise they could make, with no expectations and all their yourthful exhuberance....they could upset some teams.  I'm in nthe investment business, they say Buy quality when its low...BUY IU.  There are too many overworked sports journalists out there that are only paying attention to the top 3 teams in the Big Ten.  They are not doing their homework. Things will be fun to watch if we keep realistic expectations.  Indiana will turn some heads and make some opposing coaches furious, because they were supposed to cream the crimson this year...and they just might not. Go Hoosiers!
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Posted on: November 1, 2008 2:16 pm
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