Posted on: September 12, 2009 6:02 pm

Clock is ticking Coach Lynch

We (IU fans) should be glad for the win, but the sloppy play and inability to dominate a lesser team should give us an idea of where IU will be this year. Really, what should we expect this year with the talent and coaching we have? As a fan, I want undefeated, national champs, watching fun bowl games. But that is not where we are.  I do expect to see real progress, notable improvement and excitement among the players and coaches.  If I see that, I have no problem being a vocal fan.  Western is not a bad team, but we are a Big Ten school with the ability to recruit better talent. So why are we in a position where our lesser opponents have a shot at beating us in the closing minutes?  No good excuse.  I believe we really do have better talent. And yet we are playing only slightly better than our opponents. So what can we conclude?  My conclusion is that we do not have the coach we need driving this bus.  Mr. Glass, do you see this too?  Can you offer us some hope that we can find a leader of the IU Football program who can get us to at least a winning season every year and a bowl game most years?  You should.  Mr. Lynch, I wish you no ill will, you are just not the guy.  In my view, you have about 9 more games to show us that you have developed the team and that we ARE moving in a positive direction.  Clock is ticking. Go Hoosiers.
Posted on: June 14, 2009 1:16 am

Who do you root against?

Watching the NBA series, I find myself rooting against the Lakers more than I root for the Magic. I root against the yankees. I root against Purdue (when they play IU).  I root against North Carolina and USC.  There are teams that we dispise. Maybe because we are jealous. Maybe becuase they absorb too much of our time. Maybe because they cheat. Maybe because they have so much money the competition isnt fair. For whatever reason, we do tend to root against teams. Who do you root against?
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Posted on: November 1, 2008 2:17 pm

Hoosiers WILL NOT finish last in the Big Ten

We all know how completely depleted our past coach has left the Hoosier Basketball Team. But we have more than hope for next year. We have this year. No, I am not predicting a surprise win in the Big ten Tourney (but wouldn't that make a great movie?) but I absolutely do not believe these talented young men and a dynamic coach will finsh dead last.  I believe that tradition and great coaching and higher expectations will allow this team to develop rapidly and win enough games to keep them out of the Big ten cellar.  These young kids, when given playing time, will develop quickly. By mid-season, they will be more like sophomores.  I joke about the Big Ten Tourney, but think about the noise they could make, with no expectations and all their yourthful exhuberance....they could upset some teams.  I'm in nthe investment business, they say Buy quality when its low...BUY IU.  There are too many overworked sports journalists out there that are only paying attention to the top 3 teams in the Big Ten.  They are not doing their homework. Things will be fun to watch if we keep realistic expectations.  Indiana will turn some heads and make some opposing coaches furious, because they were supposed to cream the crimson this year...and they just might not. Go Hoosiers!
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Posted on: November 1, 2008 2:16 pm
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Posted on: September 17, 2008 8:17 pm

NCAA Needs to Be Even Handed

Life is not fair, but that doesn't mean we cannot demand justice.  If the NCAA ends up handing IU an even tougher sentence, the IU Nation needs to make some noise.  IU has been a bastion of honesty over its illustrious career. We made a mistake in hiring Sampson. He made some terrible mistake for which it is only right that the institution in charge of him should pay. But let us make sure our payment is in line with the even more aggregious transgressions that have been made by USC, Kansas, Miami, FSU and countless other schools. Did you ever notice the weak teacher that punishes one of the good kids even harder, just because he knew that kid would stop and listen.  It feels like the NCAA is about to screw us just to make an example of us.  It is about time for schools to leave the NCAA and start their own better version. One with less bias and corruption.
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Posted on: July 3, 2008 6:26 pm

How about a list for "Most Improved IU athletes?"

True story, I had a Physics class with Uwe Blab. Uwe barely fit in the chairs. He would have his head between his knees as if he was resting.  One day Uwe became the helper to the prof when exhibiting movement and inertia. The prof threw him the ball and Uwe droped it!  We busted up laughing.  The prof threw it again and Uwe dropped it again.  At that point we were really laughing and in the back of my mind I was say "@#$& this is going to be a long year!"  I guess I can understand that Uwe Blab didn't make the team. Though you must admit he was a candidate for most improved! 
Posted on: June 10, 2008 9:27 pm

All I am saying is give Lynch a chance.

Over the past several months I've read how many IU fans don't believe Lynch can keep up the winning ways of IU. The whole season was an emotional tribute to fallen Caoch Hoeppner. Some of that is true. I'm beginning to change my mind in favor of Lynch. There are so many obstacles to overcome, especially at IU.  I think an old dog CAN learn new tricks. I think Lynch can become a very good coach. This year will be a teller...to see if it was just the memory of Heoppner of if Lynch can coach Big Time.  If Lewis does not return, this year may not be a fair test. But that is part of what happens at IU. There is little to no depth, we get hurt a little and it effects us alot.  It seems to take a superr coach to get us out of a hole long enough to begin to believe we can go to the big bowls, year after year.  As an optimist, I want to believe.  Even practically, I think Bill deserves credit for last year and the faith that he can repeat and build on this kind of success.  My big question is not "can he caoch" but "can he recruit?"  Go Hoosiers.
Posted on: May 31, 2008 11:28 am

NCAA Discipline & Rubber balls

I think the NCAA is right to punish, but not too severely.  IU is just as well known for being a clean program up until Sampson.  That issue has been surgically removed. Crean has shown no tolerance for follishness. Yes, IU will be young and will struggle, but I think they will not finish last or next to last.  Don't be surprised to see these youn bucks win 18 games and finish 8th in the Big Ten. The young recruits Crean will get the next few years will have good PT.  Look at the Dukes and North Carolinas who loose 4 guys to the pros and get back to the Final Four in one year. These teams heal quickly. The young guys are good and with alot of playing time they will be strong at the end of the year....at least stronger than most people think.  IU is like a rubber ball, when we go down we bounce back up. Go IU!
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