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Posted on: September 12, 2009 6:02 pm

Clock is ticking Coach Lynch

We (IU fans) should be glad for the win, but the sloppy play and inability to dominate a lesser team should give us an idea of where IU will be this year. Really, what should we expect this year with the talent and coaching we have? As a fan, I want undefeated, national champs, watching fun bowl games. But that is not where we are.  I do expect to see real progress, notable improvement and excitement among the players and coaches.  If I see that, I have no problem being a vocal fan.  Western is not a bad team, but we are a Big Ten school with the ability to recruit better talent. So why are we in a position where our lesser opponents have a shot at beating us in the closing minutes?  No good excuse.  I believe we really do have better talent. And yet we are playing only slightly better than our opponents. So what can we conclude?  My conclusion is that we do not have the coach we need driving this bus.  Mr. Glass, do you see this too?  Can you offer us some hope that we can find a leader of the IU Football program who can get us to at least a winning season every year and a bowl game most years?  You should.  Mr. Lynch, I wish you no ill will, you are just not the guy.  In my view, you have about 9 more games to show us that you have developed the team and that we ARE moving in a positive direction.  Clock is ticking. Go Hoosiers.
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