Posted on: October 12, 2009 3:16 pm

The Golden Era of Football

One day you will be watching a game with your sons and grandson (maybe some granddaughters too) and you will tell them you were able to see the best that ever played in person.  Today, I believe, we are watching the best football that has ever been played.  The era of the great quarterbacks.  You know them, Manning & Manning. Brett Favre, Tom Brady.  Perhaps even Brees and a few others will slide into that great catagory some day.  We are seeing spectacular football out of Peyton.  We are seeing an aging athlete in Favre continue to win games. We are seeing great rivalries like Patriots and Colts, the clash of the (real) Titans.  I don't mean to diminish the outstanding play of great defensive players like Freeney, Sanders, Reed, Palomalu, Haynesworth and Ray.  They are also great.  Some fantastic running backs like Tomlinson.  Some with incredible quickness and others with brute force.  We are privileged to see some great players.  Can't leave out the coaches. They add to the greatness.  Dungy and Bellichek and Fisher and more.  Coaching has become an art and a science.  Lets appreciate what we are experiencing guys.  Sure there will be a new batch of great players that come along.  And records were made to be broken.  But right now, our cup runnesth over.  This is the Greatest Era of Football ever.  Here's to the NFL and the players who make it great!

I send out a salute to the player I believe is most responsible for the great era we are watching...Peyton Manning.  Who do you call out?
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