Posted on: May 26, 2008 2:07 pm

Danika Danika Danika

I agree with many of you who are so fed up with hearing about Dakina Patrick that she is starting to get some kick back, especially from male fans who feel she doesn't deserve all this attention.

Does she deserve all this attention? Yes.  Because she is the first female to be truly competitive. She is getting better. You bette believe that the IRL loves having her there. She is a lovely woman and the fans love her.  I think we all look forward to the day when she is just another great racer and not a sideshow.  Let her win a few more races and the gender stuff will go away.

Her 15 minutes of fame have lasted a few years now. If she wins another race this year and next, it will only get bigger. 

Is a driver considered an athlete? I say yes.  I have raced a bit with the SCCA.  Long races are physically rigorous.  You must have strenth and focus. These are athletes. And Danika is competing well with the best of them.  I hope she takes a championship next year just to shut up some people.   As a Hoosier who grew up loving the Indianapolis 500, leaning over the fense during time trails to get an autograph, I'm pleased the this event is now center stage during the Memorial Day weekend.  Danika is a part of that return.

The spotlight burns brightly.  You can get burned. It will be interesting to see if she can stand up to the pressure of being a superstar in motorsports.  The pressure to win is great.  If she can't produce over the next few years, she will be a trivia question.  In the meantime, everone's paychecks in the IRL are a little fatter thanks in part to Danika. 

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