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Posted on: December 18, 2009 9:17 am

Peyton Manning for MVP

Everyone who is a true fan of the NFL recognizes that Peyton Manning is among the best players ever to suit up.  At his current pace, he will own every meaningful QB record.  His teams will have won more games than any other during his leadership.  I believe he has the opportunity to win a few more Super Bowls.  By any measure you choose, Peyton stands above the other QBs.  This is another special year for Peyton.  Look at what he has accomplished so far. The Colts are only the third team in history to win 14 games to start the season. The Colts have won more games in any decade with Peyton behind the center.  His stats are impressive too this year. Measuring against his own impressive 12 season career, Peyton is on pace to have his second best statistical year in TD passes. His best year in passing yards.  What is perhaps the most impressive of all is the fact that Manning does all of this in a small market. Indianapolis is likely in the bottom 10 markets in terms of population.  Their revenues cannot compete with the bigger cities.  The Colts team is quality, no doubt, but Peyton must work with a group of players that for the most part are lesser in status and pay.  The Colts are great because Peyton is great.  I am the first to proclaim that the Colts have among the best management and coaching in the league. That being said, they are not even 75% as good as they are today without Peyton Manning. Quite simply, no other player means more to his teams wins and losses than Peyton Manning.  He is the man. Tell your kids as you sit and watch the games, you are watching something special. The team feeds off Peyton. They are not completely lopsided, but he is the driving brain and will and talent that makes all the other pieces work.  He makes Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne look all world. His talent allows Joseph Addai to be a first string running back in the NFL.  Sure Brees and Favre are having great years too. They are magnificant QBs.  But you choose a QB for a season or a career, and I always will take number 18.  Peyton, thanks for satying here in Indiana and making our team perhaps the best of all time. Now lets all set back and watch as our Colts continue to re-write history.  Go COLTS!
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