Posted on: December 29, 2009 12:45 pm

Peyton Manning verses Brett Favre

I watched the Bears v Vikings game last night until the glorious ending.  Until the Colts came to Indiana, I was a Bears fan. Walter is still one of my all time favorite layers. Singletary, Ditka, the Fridge, I enjoyed them all.  And the troubled Jay Cutler is a Hoosier, so I have wanted him to excel.  I was glad to see him have a great night.  But my single biggest observation was watching Brett Favre lead his team at the end of the game.  Brett is as passionate a leader as I have seen, but he blurs the lines.  I observed a man who does not understand his role on the team. Favre believes he should be able to trunp the decision of his own coach. I have now seen this play out several times.  Great players, even great leaders, must know when to follow.  Favre does not.  By ignoring or agruing with his coach he tells the rest of his team they don't really need to follow the orders of their coach if they disagree strongly enough.

Now contrast the Colts this weekend.  You could see how badly Peyton wanted to be out there winning that game. Mannings' frustration was palpable. But, he showed self control. As a leader, he led by his example to follow the order that has been established.  His teammates saw that and followed his lead.  Honestly, I think the passion to win is the same in Favre and Manning.  The difference in the game and I think in life too, is knowing when to lead and when to follow.  I believe that one day Peyton will own all the meaningful records in the NFL for QB's if he choses to play that long. But I have gained more respect for his as a man, as a teammate and as a leader.  Manning will succeed in life with or without football because he has his priorities straight.
Posted on: November 28, 2009 10:34 am

Trusting Colts Management Decisions

Trust. Sometimes, with the lack of real information, we need to trust.  For me, when it comes to Bill Polian and Jim Irsay, thats not too hard. They have recently named Bill's son and Assistant GM Chris Polian as GM. Looking at this franchise since Bill Polian has arrived, one can only be amazed. Plus, lets not forget that Bill Polian was a franchise builder before he came to Indy (see Panthers & Bills).  Irsay is doing it right. Polian certainly is one of the NFL's gurus.  I imagine they are are working very close in making the most important decisions.  As I look at it, the young Polian may be a very good choice. He has been bred in football.  He will have his father's wisdom available to him as long as Bill Polian lives.  In management, success is making more solid decisions than your opponents.  I see it like a batting average.  The Colts have the best managerial "batting average" in the league.  So when they step up to the plate, this Colt fan has alot of confidence.  Go COLTS!
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Posted on: February 24, 2009 11:41 pm

Marvin should have stayed...like the good ole day

Marvin Harrison should have stayed. Sure these guys need to look out for themselves. Sure it is a business. But what ever happened to the truly classy guy who knew his role, knew his place, and was willing to stay with the city and fans who loved him all along.  So what if he can make another mill a year someone else?  How much is enough?  It does take the luster off a little. He could have continued at Indy, reworked his contract.  I think that too often these guys are listening to greedy people around them, like their agents, who get paid based on what the player gets paid.  Tail can wag the dog sometimes. I salute not Marvin, but all those players who stayed in their city even when they could have left for more money.  Good luck Marvin.



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