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Posted on: June 10, 2008 9:27 pm

All I am saying is give Lynch a chance.

Over the past several months I've read how many IU fans don't believe Lynch can keep up the winning ways of IU. The whole season was an emotional tribute to fallen Caoch Hoeppner. Some of that is true. I'm beginning to change my mind in favor of Lynch. There are so many obstacles to overcome, especially at IU.  I think an old dog CAN learn new tricks. I think Lynch can become a very good coach. This year will be a teller...to see if it was just the memory of Heoppner of if Lynch can coach Big Time.  If Lewis does not return, this year may not be a fair test. But that is part of what happens at IU. There is little to no depth, we get hurt a little and it effects us alot.  It seems to take a superr coach to get us out of a hole long enough to begin to believe we can go to the big bowls, year after year.  As an optimist, I want to believe.  Even practically, I think Bill deserves credit for last year and the faith that he can repeat and build on this kind of success.  My big question is not "can he caoch" but "can he recruit?"  Go Hoosiers.
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