Posted on: November 19, 2011 10:33 am
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Media doesn't want Tebow to be that good

I am a fan of Tim Tebow.  I realize he is not your typical style of quarterback. Not a smooth pocket passer.  Still learning the speed and decision making skills.  Limited in what he can run offensively.  I've heard the talking head ex-pros tell us all the reasons he won't succeed.  And still he has somehow, he is 4-2 since taking over for Orton in Game 5.  Game Five against the Chargers, Tebow brought them close after Orton was ineffective early.  Tebow stepped in and had a 100+ QB rating.  Tebow is becoming more of a phenom.  Not because he is the greatest new QB in the league, but because he is different and doesn't apologize for it.  I think there are some who would never admit it, but they don't like Tebow for what he stands for.

My point is that Tebow has really taken a beating. Even during his senior season, he had one of the most successful college careers of any player. Yet, he was generally panned by "experts" as not having the skills to win at the next level.  Now he is winning.  So the "experts" say well yes, he is winning some games, BUT he won't be the guy to take you to a championship.  Come on now.  There are about 20 QBs in this league who you can say the same thing about, but we are not hearing that drivel every week during the post game wrap up.  "experts" are having to either eat their words or re-create what they meant over the past three years they said Tebow couldn't win at this level.  Will Tebow become something special like Brady, Manning Favre or Rogers?  Doubtful, but I think he deserves a chance to show what he can do, albeit unconventional style.  Tebow is having to succeed despite his detractors.  Its not right, not at the volume it has been coming out.  Its time to turn down the anti-Tebow rhetoric and just give him a chance to grow into this role and show us what he can do.

I am a fan.  I appreciate what he stands for.  I love seeing players who are not in the news for DUIs and beating their girlfriends.  I love players who just play haard and don't seek the spotlight.  I love his humility.  I love seeing players who are unafraid to say life is more than a ballgame.  If you are not a fan, I'm totally cool with that.  Just saying...lets give him some room.  Show us what you can do.  In two years lets see if we think he is a championship level QB.  Even if he is not, I think I'll still be a fan.
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