Posted on: July 12, 2008 11:58 am

Landis Is Innocent

I admit that I am biased here.  Floyd Landis comes from an Amish background.  Also, I have an infinite distrust of the French. But I believe in my heart that Floyd Landis was innocent.  He maintains this to this day.  I believe that the Fench so badly wanted to discredit the new American dynasty that had overtaken the Tour de France over the past 15 year (LeMond, Armstrong & Landis) that they were desperate to discredit an American if they could.  I am NOT a "grassy knoll" kind of guy, but my gut says the Floyd got the shaft. None of us are privy to the scientific evidence they have studied. But I do know that the standards, the checks and balances and and the opportunity for the French to tamper is enough that we should all be suspect.  If Floyd is guily, he should speak up today and say so.  He has denied this all all along so emphatically that I am compelled to back my fellow Amish athlete.  Go Amish!  Speak up, what do you think?
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