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Posted on: May 12, 2009 8:51 pm

True Confession:I enjoy American Idol.My pick is

Danny Gokey. I like his style, the tone of his voice, his backround, his story. The three guys left are as talented as any final three I remember.  Buy, my guess is he will finish last among those three. Adam Lambert has a range that is incredible and a unique style that seems to wow the judges every week. Chris Allen is that cute guy that my wife and daughters swoon over.  It comes down to the popular vote. American Idol is certainly a celebration of talent and capitalism. I love it. All these guys will do well.  For me, I don't need the over-the-top rebel of Adam who can't sing without his tongue hanging half outside his mouth.  I don't need the sappy sweet cute-boy Chris.  Danny sings the style I would listen to. He can rock and he can ballad.  Lets see what happens. Who do you like?  Any closet American Idol fans out there? 
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