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Posted on: June 16, 2009 6:15 pm

Ashamed that David Letterman is a Hoosier

Letterman used to be funny. He was just funny, the way he delievered a line. His face was funny, you was original and goofy and light and brilliant. Something happened. He has become jaded. His jokes are more like a dagger. If he doesn't like you politically, you are a punching bag for years. Now he has expanded his venom to families of people he politcally opposes.  I think his jikes about Palins daughter we way out of line. As an adult, he should have recognized it right away and given an apology. Instead, he spends 15 minutes explaining what he really meant. Backpedalling and digging himself a deeper hole. This is not an isolated case either. I'm not saying the politicians don't make for some funny jokes, but Letterman has become mean. He's lost "it."  In my opinion, the Letterman Show will be irrelavant in a few years.  One reason I liked Letterman in the past is because he was a Hoosier. He brought with him that midwest charm & wit. Now he is just a hardened New Yorker.  New York, you can have him, we relinquish our rights to David Letterman.  That said, I believe in the redemption of man. I hope David can look deep inside and realize there is something rotting there, pluck it out boy!  Watch the ratings, Leno (a genuinely nice guy) is way funnier. Conan Obrien is funnier. Even Jimmy Kimmel is funnier.  Heck, I think I am funnier.  Lets stop watching Letterman.  There has to be something better to do during that time slot.  Like maybe getting romantic with our wives!? Theres an idea. What say you, gentlemen?
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